Superior insights, scalable solutions

Through our global, full-service real estate serve platform, we uncover the intelligence and insights needed to predict and analyse changes in the dynamic retail landscape. Coupled with the extensive experience of our professionals in each market, we tackle the most complex retail challenges, with solutions that enhance competitive advantage by impacting bottom line performance and topline business value.

Powered by robust data analytics and a deep understanding of the Industrial & Logistics market, our professionals align real estate strategies with our clients’ business objectives to create outcomes that build business advantage. Operating under a global umbrella, CBRE is able to leverage our expert knowledge of the local market with global best practice, providing us with a market leading platform to advise our clients.

Our clients consistently turn to CBRE for market trend analysis, deal flow intelligence and actionable insights that drive powerful outcomes. CBRE professionals deliver scalable solutions for clients across property sales and leasing, land sales, asset management, supply chain design and business case rationalisation, including analysing economics, labour and freight costs.

Using a fully-integrated offering we act as strategic advisors to our clients, offering a holistic view of the Industrial and Logistics market while also drilling down to region/suburb level to assist clients in making informed decisions from an occupier, landlord and investor perspective.


  • Leasing: Market leading strategic advice on leasing your asset to ensure maximum value.
  • Capital Markets: Strategic advice on the best way to extract a premium result for your asset sale.
  • Acquisition advice: Expertise in valuations and asset strategy allows us to guide you throughout the acquisition process.
  • Portfolio strategy: Review and advise on portfolio to ensure it is achieving greatest possible results.
  • Land Sales: Utilise our market leading database to help advise on your next sale.
  • Portfolio and strategic asset divestment: Analysis and strategic optimisation of divestment and other assets.
  • Owner occupier sales: Assist owner occupiers in extracting a premium result in the sale of their assets.
  • Pre-lease and “build-to-suit” facilities: A full service pre-lease and “build to suit” process.
  • Sale and leaseback transactions: An alternative revenue raising opportunity for investment.
  • Transaction structuring: Partner with clients to advise and implement structured transactions.
  • Feasibility analysis: Advise on the appropriate scheme or use of assets/capital to optimise return.
  • Development finance and forward funding: Create new investment opportunities for developers and land owners.

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